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Learn more about Pet Insurance! What it covers, how much it costs, and whether you need it. What pet insurance plan would work best for you is always determined by your specific situation. All About Pet Insurance website will help you learn how to choose pet insurance that is right for you and your dogs and cats.



What does Pet Insurance Cover?

You dog’s or cat’s breed, age, and health are deciding factors for the veterinary care and insurance coverage they will need. You should also consider how much you value your pet and how much you will be willing to spend to save their life or stop their suffering. Learn more about Pet Insurance coverage options and what health conditions are covered.

How Much does it Cost?

There is a variety of pet insurance companies and plans in the United States and you have some degree of choice for co-insurance (co-pay), annual limits, and deductibles. To save money on premiums, choose higher deductibles and lower reimbursement levels, but you'll pay more if you dog or cat develops a serious health problem. To make sure you can afford any veterinary care that might help your pet, choose lower co-insurance, but you’ll pay more in premiums. Learn more about factors that affect your pet insurance premiums and claim payouts.

Does Pet Insurance Worth it?

Pet Insurance falls under property/casualty category and, like insurance industry in general, is highly regulated. Pet Insurance companies required to pay certain percentage of total premiums they collect in veterinary claims. Most Pet Insurance companies are Accredited by the Better Business Bureau and rated B to A+.. Check our 2020 Pet Insurance companies rating based on consumer and expert reviews.

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